About Us


The Petite Lady is an Australian based retailer founded for all the petite and/or small busted ladies who have difficulty finding lingerie that actually fits.  Please visit our fitting room to find your Petite Lady size.


Have you always thought you were an A cup, simply because that was the smallest size available?

Then your bra cup would sit out from your chest giving a protrusion to your silhouette that was not smooth.  Now is the time to grab that flexible measuring tape, and start wearing bras that fit your gorgeous body.


Hi.  I’m Natasha McVeigh, founder of The Petite Lady.  I spent too many years (decades in fact) wearing incorrect and poor fitting bras and lingerie due to my small bust.  I’d prefer wearing crop tops because I couldn’t find a nice fitting bra, but this really wasn’t suitable under many outfits.  I found department stores and specialty shops cater to the masses, without consideration for those of us with a smaller bust or bottom.  Even having a bra fitting didn’t work, because my chest versus bust measurement wasn’t on the scale.  Why couldn’t I find a proper bra in my small cupped size?  Out of a desire to ensure my children weren’t left to the same restricted market, I started The Petite Lady.  Options were limited, but not anymore.

You may be small, but you are beautiful. Let us help you flaunt what you have to feel more feminine than ever, because beauty belongs.

We understand the difficulty smaller busted ladies have trying to finding beautiful bras to wear. Have a look through our stock, and if your size is not listed, please contact us.