The Fitting Room


Finding the perfect bra size is important for fit, comfort and styling.  Don’t cheat whilst measuring, take off your current bra and measure gently against your skin using a flexible tape measure keeping it level around your back.  Also remember to measure just as you have breathed out, but don’t pull the tape measure too tight against you.  You will be amazed how wonderful a well fitting bra feels.

Step 1.  Measure your underbust.  This is a measurement around the top of your rib cage under your breasts, where your bra band will sit.

Step 2.  Measure your full bust.  This is a measurement taken around the fullest size of your breasts.

Step 3.   Find your ideal bra size from The Petite Lady using the table below.

Bra SizeUnderbust Measurement (cm)Full Bust Measurement (cm)
AAAAA cupAAAA cupAAA cupAA cupA cupB cup


Find your panties size using the table below and select the sizing closest to your hip measurement.  Remember, tight fitting underwear will cause unwanted bulges, so don’t lie to yourself.  Measure honestly and be flattered with your curves.

Panties Size2468101214
Hip Measurement (cm)737883879297102